How Many Horses Can You See In This Painting ? The Answer Will Surprise You!

There may be many puzzle game going viral online but this one will surely grab your distractions.

#3 From The Sally.

Off late, there have been many puzzles that have gripped many eyes but this one, ‘Pinto’ by Artist Bev Doolittle in 1975 is so very different ,while she was traversing with her husband. She came across a bunch of horses who took her heart and she, after returning home, she’d outlined on her canvas what was imprinted on her heart. But this isn’t all..

Have a look at this painting coming up next…

#2 Brush Up Your Sight.

The painting is more popular for its puzzle game. Take a look with utter concentration, can you take a shot at this and say how many horses are there in this picture. Well the answer is present on the very next image so turn to the next.



#1 Were You Close Enough ?

Could you work with your brains and eyes and had a sneaking suspicion ? There are 5 horses. How close were you ?

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