13 Struggles Of Being A Woman,That Men Will Never Understand….

Why are we the women, the only ones who suffer?!!

#13 While men just walk in and walk out of restrooms, we the women spend most of our lives waiting in queues at restrooms.

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#12 When Mother Natures rains down hell on you..

And you wonder what you did wrong to deserve this pain.



#11 When you have your period going on and you sneeze..

The result is a bloodbath.



#10 The torment we are enslaved to everyday…

Because of the bra strap.

#9 The constant struggle between your sunglasses and hair..

Fight between those two and you are the one who suffers.

#8 Sometimes, showering is the greatest quest of all.

Water+cuts+need for shower=pain unlimited.

#7 That one face all women have when they apply mascara…

The price of beauty…

#6 Shoe problems

That’s when you realize looking beautiful comes at a prize.

#5 It isn’t easy for women using public restrooms.

No amount of layering is ever enough.

#4 When you have bra problems…

But still want to look pretty.

#3 The trademark of your visit to Sephora

And you still can’t decide which color is better!

#2 When you realize the universal truth that heels and grass will never get along together…

And leave a trail while you are at it for the gardener to hunt you down and make you pay.

#1 The ultimate test you will ever face in a restroom.

And you will fail.

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