7 Disturbing Pictures Of People Moments Before They D!ed.

There is something about de*th that makes the best of shudder to our very core, but we as a human race has adopted the best way of tackling the topic. How do we do that? By avoiding it all together. Plus, it’s not like we can do anything about it. When you have got to go, you go and leave nothing behind.

But these people did. They left something haunting and terr!fying for the rest of the people to see. I am talking about the d!sturbing pictures which were taken before the de*th of these people.

#7 Mother and son took a selfie shortly before take-off of the Malaysian Airlines MH17.

In some cases, a selfie is the very last image we captured only minutes or hours before de*th.

The two took this photo right before the takeoff of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which was sh0t down with no survivors over eastern Ukraine.

#6 Final salute.

World War II veteran Justus Belfield donned his uniform for one last time. He spent his last full day on earth in his army uniform, lying in bed at Baptist Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Scotia. He passed away at the age of 99, this photo was taken moments before he d!ed.

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#5 Her last photo update.

Gabriela Hernandez publish this photo on Facebook in 2013, literally just a moment before she committed su!c!de.
You can see in this photo that she is about to hang herself.



#4 Freezing selfie just a few hours before her de*th.

A boy points a we*pon at the back of his girlfriend’s head in a photo captioned “Strap Chat”, before he al|egedly sh0t her de*d.

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#3 Family’s final photo before crash.

Dave Halley took a last photograph of his wife and 4-year old daughter before departure of the flight MH17. We all know what happened to that plane later.

#2 The last known pictures of Amy Winehouse.

A week prior to her de*th, Amy Winehouse was pictured in London in July 2011.

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#1 Kurt Cobain days before his su!c!de.

These pictures of Kurt Cobain were taken by Jesse Frohman. Soon after, Kurt committed su!c!de in 1994.

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