20 Photos Of Real Things That Are Very Hard To Imagine

In the first look, the photos won’t seem authentic but trust me, all these photos are real…

What Is This?

What exactly is this according to you? Well, this is a shark’s egg. When you hold it up to the light, this is how it looks.


This is what a storm looks like when we are thousands of feet above the sea level. Stunning, right?



A Sword Fish

This is a sword fish. Yes, this small!



Prettiest Ever?

This is possibly the prettiest looking launched rocket ever.

Looks Like A Pretty Dream

How many times how you seen such a pretty dream?


Greenland has some of the most attractive looking Icebergs ever.

This Armadillo

Those eyes. Scary, right?


Possibly the reddest Rainbow ever.


Lightning striking during a volcanic eruption provides a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Breathtaking, right?

A Whale’s Heart

This is a whale’s heart. Yes, this big!


These are mushrooms and not flames…

Which One?

Gross or Adorable? What do you think?

Closest Eclipse

You can see an eclipse here from inside a plane.

The Green Shell

The shell of this turtle is merely covered with some moss…


Now we know who is the prettiest chameleon in the world.


This is where the great wall of China ends…

The Mountain Lion…

Do you see that Mountain Lion there?

Just A Dot

Do you see that tiny black dot on the top left corner? That is Mercury planet revolving around sun!

Spider’s Eye…

Look at this spider’s eye in zoom.


What you think are waves is actually fog! Crazy, right?

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