This Picture Of Girls In Bikinis Has Gone Viral For The Craziest Reason Ever! Do You See It?

The Internet is a funny place. This innocent image of women shopping in bikinis shot up the viral meter after a internet user spotted something unusual about it! Read on to know more!

#5 The Photomaker

When Imgur User JarJarDrinks posted this photo to his social media account on July 25th, he hardly would have imagined the craze that would ensue!

Like those million Imgur users, JarJarDrinks thrives on viral content and this image sure shot him to fame!

#4 The Picture!


What looks like a regular holiday snap, turned into a big viral deal, when JarJarDrinks publicly shared it. His keen eyes had seen beyond the obvious beau(oo)ty!

The imgur image has over 4 lakh likes on the website itself, plus has been circulated all over the internet for we don’t know how many times!



#3 What is Odd?

The picture shows three women shopping at a retail store in bikinis. But what made it viral requires an eagle eye vision!

Could you spot the oddity?

Read on to know more!



#2 Ahan! Clever!

On looking closer you would see something absolutely crazy!

The woman in the middle decided to accessorize her bikini look with nothing but an ankle monitor. Not jewelry, definitely not a sarong. But an Ankle Monitor!

We wonder what felony she committed!

#1 Hilarious Comments!


The photo received a whooping 95,300 in just two days. The caption that went along with the upload read: ‘Nothing adds to your summer look like a court ordered ankle monitor…’.

Hilarious! Some more comments on the photo were equally funny!

‘It’s actually quite nice that despite having made mistake & getting punished that person is trying to enjoy the summer,’ wrote Imgur user Kraken928.

‘Thanks for pointing that out. I would say 90 per cent of us were not looking at her ankles,’ added Spookyactionman.

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